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Boarding Fees:

Charges are for each day that your dog stays with us. This includes the day of drop off and day of collection. For stays over 7 Days we do not charge for the last day if collection is between 9.00am & 10.00am (Not including Sunday 10.00am opening) Any fees outstanding must be settled on collection of your Dog.

     1 Dog:    £15.00 per Day   (Giant Breed £17.50)

     2 Dogs:  £22.00 per Day   (Giant Breed £26.00)

     3 Dogs:  £33.00 per Day   (Giant Breed £36.00)

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double rate.


A £50 deposit per dog per week booked is required within 48hrs of booking. If this is not received your booking is not secured. Deposits are non refundable. If bookings are cancelled over a month in advance, deposits will be transferred for future bookings.


You must have proof of vaccination when dropping your dog off. Failure to do so will result in refused entry into the kennels. Vaccines used must be licensed for use in the UK.

Primary vaccinations must be completed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding.

We accept a Titre Test Certificate for booster vaccination periods.

Where there are signs of external parasites, we will treat your dog with an authorised product. This will be chargeable.

Dropping Off Dogs:

Dogs must be on a lead at all times upon arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the car park. Dog collars must be secure and fitted with an identity disk. All dogs must be Microchipped and details provided.

Dogs will be taken into the kennel area by a member of staff and not the owner. Past experience has shown that this can cause unnecessary stress on your Dog. Whilst in our care, Dogs will not be allowed visitors, as past experience has shown that this usually upsets the Dog.


If you bring your dogs food, please ensure we are given instructions to the amount fed. If you do not bring your dogs food, then we will feed our own food. The amount of food given will depend on your dogs weight on check in and will be monitored over the period of the stay to ensure weight is maintained as best as possible. You will be contacted if your dog has continued weight loss before we seek veterinary attention.


Owners warrant that any dog admitted for boarding is fit, sound and healthy (or that the kennels have been advised of any existing condition).  Owners undertake to declare any history of veterinary problems that could reoccur while boarding and to draw attention to any traits or vices that their dog may have. Owners authorise veterinary treatment to be given should it be considered necessary during the period of boarding. We reserve the right to use our choice of registered Vet Practice.  Owners will be required to settle any vet bills that may arise should your dog require treatment due to accident or illness whilst boarding at our facilities.  Please ensure that flea and worming treatments are up to date and if required done at least one week before boarding with us.  Should we need to administer either of these treatments during the boarding period, you will be charged accordingly.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to any dog appearing to be unwell or thought to be suffering from any illness or infectious disease and you may be liable for the cost of the stay.


If medication is required to be administered, this will be undertaken provided the dog will accept the medication without resistance and that the medication can be given by a person who does not hold veterinary qualifications.

Kennel Cough:

We highly recommend that dogs are given the Kennel Cough vaccine. This must be at least 2 weeks prior to drop off. If a dog is showing clinical signs of Kennel Cough, they will be refused entry into the Kennel.

Toys and Bedding:

Toys left with your dog will only be given under supervision and should not be easily destroyed. Any toys destroyed are not the responsibility of the kennels.

If bedding left is destroyed, this will be given back to the owner to dispose of. If own bedding is not provided, we will provide suitable bedding for your dog. If your dog destroys our bedding, you will be charged at £15.00 per bedding.

Dogs Sharing a Kennel:

Only dogs entering the kennel from the same household will be permitted to share a kennel. If a problem occurs where the dogs need to be separated, the owner will be charged for the additional use of other kennels.

Human Aggressive Dogs:

Dogs showing signs of aggression towards any member of the kennel staff will have to be dealt with extreme caution and may not get the level of exercise that we aim to give every dog. Risks to the health and safety of kennel employees is a very high priority for us. Dogs showing these signs will not be permitted to book into the kennels again.


We accept cash, card, contactless and cheque payment. Cheques can only be accepted on drop off and only for stays over 5 days.

Early Collection:

If you arrive to collect your dog earlier than expected you will still be required to pay for the full booking.

Dogs Not Collected:

Owners authorise the re-homing/sale of their dog in the best way possible should they fail to collect their dog within 14 days of the end of the boarding period and should they fail to contact Pointer Farm Kennels to provide an explanation. Every effort will be made to come to a reasonable arrangement prior to taking this action as a last resort.

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